Wednesday, January 11, 2012

FAQ Creator

"FAQ Creator" is a tool developed in java helps to create FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) files. The tool provides a user interface to interact with the tool. See below the screen shot of the user interface. You need to provide a file name to which the content will be written. The tool will take questions and answers, appropriate text boxes are provided in the tool. Enter a question and their answer in the corresponding text fields and click on "Save&Next" to save the question and answer to the buffer. And the same will be added to the list box in the left side of the GUI. Once all the questions and answers are entered in the tool, click on the button "Done". It will write the content from the buffer to the file. If you want to edit the question or answer, select the question from the list box. The question and the corresponding answer will be displayed in their text boxes, so that they can be modified or click on the "Delete" button to delete the same question from the list or buffer.

Visit Projects page of for more details and download the tool.